Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

PSM Associates, as the prime consultant, were responsible for construction management of a variety of projects at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory such as the complete change out of an existing chiller system including the replacement of the entire hydraulic piping system, replacing of the old system controls for a modern automated control system including the interfacing with the facility’s fire alarm system allowing full control of the system both onsite and with remote access control. Additionally, PSM Associates managed a building demolition project which included the disposal of hazardous materials and is currently managing the upgrade enhancements of a laboratory which includes electrical and sprinkler system upgrades and the disposal of hazardous material in accordance with both Federal and LLNL codes and regulations. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is a Federal, secure facility.
​​​​​​​Please note: Due to the National Security nature of the work we can’t show pictures of any of the projects.
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