BART Lafayette Station Surface Improvements

This Station Improvement project was to: remove and replace parking Lots A and B; install new parking lot lighting; remove and repave the station entrance; make ADA improvements on BART property and in the City of Lafayette Right of Way; construct a new trash enclosure; construct new stairs and ADA ramp from Lot C to Lot B which leads to the station entrance; install an electrical panel and breakers in the station electrical room; provide and install new emergency phones in the parking lot as well as the associated communication cable and conduit; install landscaping and new irrigation; install new station signs.
PSM Associates team working on Lafayette BART station surface improvementsPSM Associates team working on Lafayette BART station surface improvements
BART also received grant funding to provide and install: permeable pavers and associated underdrains; replace and modify storm drain piping and inlets; construct bio-retention areas (rain gardens) to treat storm water more naturally that runs off the parking lots and before it enters the storm drain system, this allows for natural percolation; replace concrete curbs and gutter.

This project was made more challenging with multiple owner directed changes: replace the 8in fire protection line, valve and backflow preventer; provide and install conduit from Lot C to the electrical room for an adjacent solar panel project; remove and replace the station plaza concrete at the north station entrance to make it more ADA accessible; install bollards at the north station entrance to keep public vehicles out.