BART Daly City Station Improvements​​​​​​​

PSM personnel were Resident Engineer, Office Engineer and Construction Inspectors and were responsible for coordinating work between the contractor and BART Operations for access to the station’s electrical room; this project included work at three different stations and there were substantial changes to accommodate unforeseen conditions and an Executive Decision Document was written to include a multi agency funded improvement to the bus island at the Daly City Station that dramatically improved the customer experience as shown in the photos to the right.  The RE worked closely with the District Architect to build the three custom stainless steel bus shelters.
Daly City BART station after improvements made by PSM AssociatesDaly City BART station after improvements made by PSM Associates
Balboa Station: repave and re-stripe the passenger drop off area and miscellaneous work; Colma station: remove and replace a concrete vault in the bus pad; Daly City Station: repaved and re-striped the large east side parking lot, the larger lot was re-striped to accommodate off-peak SamTrans Bus storage; made ADA improvements along Daly Blvd. and through the large east parking lot to the station; tree removal; station plaza lighting improvements; removed and replaced concrete passenger benches with modern metal benches; there were many sidewalk and curb and gutter repairs throughout the station plaza and the upper parking lot; installed three large custom design build stainless steel bus shelters in the major change order, these proved to be very difficult as the stainless steel structural members were only available from one overseas supplier for a short period of time during the year.